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Luftgekhült 8

Eight years in, Luftgekühlt has yet to fall short of excellent. An event originally started by factory Porsche driver Patrick Long and Creative Director Howie Idelson was shorlty joined by photographer and professional race car driver Jeff Zwart. It’s an event to celebrate Air Cooled Porsches and everything they represent. Year after year they have brought some of the best air cooled Porsches to some of the most unique locations. Stock, modified, slow, fast, early cars and carbon tubbed rockets on rails. No matter your preference, if it was cooled by air, your favorite spec was there.

This year's theme was the Carrera RS 2.7. A race-bred 911 born in 1973 in order to be homologated into the Group 4 race circuit. Making it the first serial factory built Porsche race car available to the public. In the main room, no matter the direction you looked, you'd see a beautiful example of what became a very important part of Porsche's history.

Also sharing the building a 904, 908 short-tail , a 910 and a 356.

Outside, you'd find air-cooleds beautifully placed through out the rest of the grounds. From high ones to low ones. Yellow ones and blue ones. Even a concept car from the 1970's Paris Auto Show. This show has a little bit of everything.

If the highest level of craftsmanship, engineering, and horsepower is your thing, than the Turbo Study 911 Reimagined By Singer or the Guntherwerk's 993's would have been a must to see.

This year, like the many that have came and passed, did not disappoint. Having gone to the 4 before leading up to this, each one has gotten better and better.


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